Happy Manufacturing Month! Each October, starting with MFG Day on the fourth, companies and communities around the U.S. come together to celebrate all that is fantastic about manufacturing. This year’s MFG Month could not come at a better time, because in many ways we are in the middle of a manufacturing renaissance. According to N.A.M, manufacturers contributed $1.87 TRILLION to the U.S economy in 2012. It is also important to point out that 8.workers in the manufacturing sector make $77,060 annually, compared to average workers who earn $60,168.
Despite these positive numbers, many people still have the wrong idea about manufacturing. Some buy into the false notion that manufacturing is all about dirty factory floors, hours of mindless/repetitive tasks, and little to no intellectual stimulation. In reality, modern manufacturing is incredibly rewarding. For many Americans, sitting behind a desk and wearing a suit just does not make sense to those who are creative and love hands on, mechanical challenges. These individuals want to be creative; they want to be involved in resolving issues at work that rewards their mechanical abilities. Whether it is programming a machine, creating and implementing an improved process or designing and sharpening a tool, they thrive on completing tasks and seeing the results. Someone who works behind a desk cannot experience the thrill of walking through a store and seeing a something that, either has a component, or is even a finished product that they helped take from concept to completion.

At Mid-West Screw, we try to celebrate MFG Day, everyday. We believe that if you can make the overall work experience positive and fulfilling for your workers, more of our young people will enter the manufacturing world. Offering benefits that desk jobs cannot, like alternative shifts and overtime also helps in both attracting and retaining workers. In the end, it is up to manufactures, with the help of events like MFG Day and Month, to change America’s perception of manufacturing. If we can accomplish this critical task, then it will only make this already amazing country, stronger and more prepared for the future.

To learn more about MFG Day and Month, please visit their website, or contact Mid-West Screw today!

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