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US Manufacturing

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Manufacturing in the United States is seemingly on the upswing. Of course it is not in all areas of manufacturing. Textiles and toy manufacturing has not fully returned to the United States and has stayed overseas in Asia. The United States’ resurgence has been seen in infrastructure, roads, electricity, concrete, steel, and mechanical parts. These areas are thriving because the infrastructure in the United States is aging and when many of these roads were built 100 years ago, they did not have the technology we have to day to make them last longer.

The United States is also seeing an influx in orders because it has become cheaper to build things here than it is to build them abroad. Even just a few years ago, it was cheaper to manufacture parts overseas, ship them, and pay the import taxes, but now as prices increase from overseas vendors, the United States is seeing a lucrative return to manufacturing.

The key to success in manufacturing in the United States is choosing the correct industry. Knowing that the infrastructure in this country is in dire need of repair, going into that industry would be sensible, however companies attempting to manufacture textiles that can compare in price to those from China will probably fall upon hard times. Even though American quality is unparalleled, it’s hard to fight on a level playing field when it comes to price. In order to further fuel the American manufacturing comeback, companies need to find something that needs to be turned around locally and quickly and together we can get this job done!