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The Importance of Proper Inspection Equipment and its effect on Quality Control

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Mid-West Screw Products is a big believer in having sophisticated inspection equipment that is just as up to date as your manufacturing equipment. This is an important step in making sure that you are putting out quality parts on time.

The Importance of Proper Inspection Equipment and its effect on Quality Control

While this sophisticated equipment may be on the expensive side, you will end up saving money even though the older style inspection methods does a similar job, however with a lot more time and effort. It is important to recognize that when you are updating and replacing your inspection equipment that instead of occupying space with similar machines, you need to bring everything up to date, as much as possible, so that your work is precise. Don’t just meet your customer’s standards, excite them. midwest equipment

Our company is based around the satisfaction of all our customers. Choosing the right equipment should be beneficial for a wide range of customers. Finding the right sophistication has unique qualities to facilitate certain types of requests that are on-going and is extremely helpful when looking at quality from shop floor, right through your QC department.
Once your clients see that they are receiving quality products on time, you will be able to build on future businesses and gain new customers because you have gained new manufacturing techniques and time saving processes, throughout your facility.

We have recently purchased a new piece of equipment that can make various parts complete. At one time, it took four separate operations, the handling time and four setups have been cut. Though the process may seem longer, when you do the math and look at the number of machines you would have had to wait for, not to mention the delay you would face by getting those machines online to produce yet another operation, it becomes easier to see how a late delivery could be averted.

Keeping our customers happy is at the forefront of our business model and making sure that they are getting their parts on time and at a standard of quality beyond their expectations is the supreme nature of our company. Making sure that you have the proper machinery and inspection equipment to help you in that process will not only help you save time and money, it will also relieve some of that stress with being on time with your deliveries.