Each month, reports come out touting the rise of various industries in the industrial world. This is great news for machine shops as it often leads to more requests for quotes being submitted, and more business across the board. At Mid-West Screw Products we have seen increases in activity in a few different areas including the heavy machinery sector, high voltage electric and aerospace industries.

One factor we have noticed that leads to an increase in industrial activity is emergency situations and national disasters. When terrible events like hurricanes or earthquakes happen, repairs need to be made quickly and efficiently. This leads to many jobs going out for bid as work must be done to repair these areas affected. The goal of this work is to put things back to normal as fast as possible. Typically the newest design for these replacement parts and products, with the newest technology, are ordered to limit the damage when a repeat storm or emergency arises.

Industry On The Rise

Another trend we have noticed which is leading to increases in industrial activity is the move towards energy efficiency and green initiatives. This has played a major role in the electronics and lighting industries. Many places from factories to hospitals and doctors’ offices are changing their lighting sources. Moving to LED lighting options saves energy and costs for these facilities while still providing the important source of light needed. Besides just being energy efficient, using these kinds of lights lower the electric bill, as well as the liability. They also last longer than older style lights and require less maintenance and upkeep. These low voltage, LED lights are the trend of the future, and installing them is creating a lot of much-needed work for the manufacturing industry.

Other industries that are showing signs of growth include the aerospace and medical device industries. As the population is growing older, much work is being done on devices that can solve medical issues and provide the care needed by this large portion of the population. The aerospace industry is always attempting to use the latest cutting-edge technology to improve efficiency, and this leads to a growing industry as improvements are made across the board.

Here at Mid-West Screw Products we have the capabilities to make your custom part to your specifications and in your desired time frame and for many different industries.Contact us here to learn more about the custom parts we can machine for you.

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