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Educating the Future of the Manufacturing Industry

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The manufacturing industry is the backbone of the American economy as it is a provider of jobs on a large scale. Many of the jobs in the manufacturing industry are technical or skilled in nature as they require training to operate machinery and heavy equipment. In the past, workers got hands-on training and experience to learn how to do these jobs, but in more recent times that has fallen away as interest in working in the manufacturing industry has cooled a bit from the manufacturing boom period of the past.

Educating the Future of the Manufacturing Industry

There is a need for skilled workers in the manufacturing industry which is only growing as the baby boomer generation gets older and retires. To try and provide the next generation of workers the skills they need to be successful in the manufacturing industry, recently there has been a rise in classroom training programs. There are some questions though on how valuable these programs are for potential manufacturing workers. The best way to learn how to operate manufacturing machinery is through first-hand experience and training on the actual machines themselves. If these classroom training programs do not have actual machines for students to train on, it is unclear how useful these programs will be. While it is useful to learn the theory and history of manufacturing in the classroom, nothing beats first-hand machine experience.

While improvements in technology are allowing people to learn quicker, with more access to information than ever before, there is still an important value to training on actual working machines. There are many nonprofit organizations that are funded by the government that are working to help with these training issues. They team with manufacturing companies to help their employees get the best training possible. As manufacturing trade schools are not as prevalent as they once were, this is a great way to help make sure the manufacturing industry will have a new generation of skilled workers.

At Mid-West Screw Products we are always working with our employees to help them get the maximum training, and further develop their skills. Our business runs on the strength of our employees, and we are always looking for skilled workers. For more information about our company’s capabilities, or potential job opportunities please contact us here.