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Problem Solving

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In our last blog we talked about working with our clients to develop new ideas that many times lead to patents. We also work with our clients to fix problems they have with existing products or processes. These jobs come to us in a variety of ways, such as clients looking to outsource parts they used to manufacture themselves, or looking for an alternative to their current manufacturer. Once we get these projects in front of us we can approach them with the benefits of a fresh eye and years of experience.

We had one client who was involved in molding a very expensive part. The client’s manufacturing process left them with a need to scrape away excess material after molding. The scraping was delicate work, while the scraping process was anything but. This resulted in the client throwing away 70 – 80% of the finished product. We were able to take a look at the process and make an improvement that cut out the need for scraping. Now the molding process produces zero defective parts.

Solutions like these yield many benefits. No wasted product means no wasted money. Those savings are passed on to the customers. Additionally, 500% more usable product means that our client can sell to a larger customer base, thus increasing their own profits.

These are the types of solutions we pride ourselves on providing. We’ve tweaked everything from manufacturing processes to product designs, all to optimize output and product quality.