Quality And Experience For Over 70 Years...

When Walter A. Lisowski founded Mid-West Screw Products Inc. in 1946 he realized that to excel in this competitive industry his customers must always receive uncompromised perfection in all their machined parts. He also offered assistance and creative ideas to help his valued Customer reduce costs.

So the story continues. The second generation, Walter E. and Kenneth, have experienced continued growth as they have expanded and replaced their equipment to the latest industry standards. Zero-defect manufacturing, Statistical Process Control (SPC), as well as TQM and the newest Just-in-Time (JIT) manufacturing techniques and software, as well as becoming ISO Qualified hopefully make Mid-West Products your supplier of choice. Our primary goal was then and now, continues to be total customer service and satisfaction. Continuing to input ideas that can result in cost savings.

To You our Customers We Present Our Vision
We strive to become a working partner in machining quality components for our customers changing needs in this global economy. We encourage employee participation in attaining continuous improvements in machining and services to achieve total customer satisfaction.

To You our Customers We Present Our Values
How we accomplish our vision is as important as the vision itself. Fundamental to success for the company are these basic values:

Our people are a valued resource and a source of strength in providing creative ways to achieve total customer satisfaction.

Quality is a measure how well our customers perceive that our goods and services satisfy their expectation of value.

The purpose is to continuously improve machining and services to remain competitive and provide jobs while providing a reasonable return to the company.

Our machining reflects our ability to excel beyond the normal range of complexity through a creative combination of experienced people and versatile equipment.

Midwest Screw Products
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