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Much More Than Manufacturing

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Part of being a successful manufacturer is having the right tools for the job. These days, that takes more than filling in every pouch on your tool belt and making sure your machines are up to date on maintenance. As computers become increasingly integrated with machines, having the right software becomes essential. There are a lot of great programs out there, but none that does everything—so we took it upon ourselves to develop one, and we call it TITAN.

In manufacturing, everything comes down to paperwork. You can make a great product, but if there’s a problem with the paperwork, it becomes a problem for everyone. That’s the crux of TITAN: It will allow you to log all of the pertinent information in the necessary formats for the entire production process. It will take you from RFQ to finished product all in one continuous string. That means that you can trace any part back to any stage in the process with ease. This traceability is integral to gaining ISO certification.

The question of whether you’re a Mac or a PC has made its way to the manufacturing floor. There’s currently no software that bridges the gap between the two operating systems. If you have all Macs and one PC, or vice versa, establishing an integrated software system becomes a major challenge. For that reason, we made our first priority designing software that works across all hardware platforms. We’re even working to make it tie in to iPads on the manufacturing floor.

TITAN will do away with the old fashioned system of going from spreadsheet to spreadsheet. With it, you’ll be able to keep track of material certifications, plating certifications, billing, time clocks, scheduling and a whole lot more. It can even be custom tailored to your unique operation. Software this comprehensive is a new concept for machine shops. It will take a lot of the hassle out of becoming ISO certified, and allow your business to stay competitive in a global marketplace.

Right now, we’re still putting the finishing touches on our TITAN software. Over the course of the coming months we’ll provide updates, and delve deeper into the program’s many features.