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Robots in Manufacturing

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As technology has been improving, there have been many opportunities for the manufacturing industry to evolve and take advantage of these new technologies. One way manufacturers have been doing this is with the use of robots and robotics. This technology has been a great addition to the manufacturing process, and is changing the way parts and goods are produced.

Robots in Manufacturing

A common misconception is that the use of robots in manufacturing is going to replace the jobs of humans. That is not the case. Robots are used for repetitive menial tasks that require time, but not skill. Tasks like picking up loads, and moving heavy items to other areas are best done by robots as opposed to human workers. This allows human workers to work on more creative tasks which overall improves efficiency. An employee working on more creative tasks provides them with an incentive to do well, and helps them stay interested in the jobs they are working on.
There is one company that the Robot Firm, Mid-West choose to purchase our unit from, has a customer we know of, because they were once our neighbor. They purchased one Robot and now have sixty. To prove my point that Robots do not take away jobs, their employees went from one hundred and thirty-five to one hundred and sixty-five. WHY? Because the efficiency of the redundant jobs the Robots now do became so productive that their employees could not keep up with the increase parts flow. Hence, there was a need for more human involvement to do what the Robot could not do to complete the process of getting the parts out the door to their customers.

One of the things we do at Mid-West Screw Products is reward our employees for their innovation. Time is money, and if an employee can develop a way to improve one of our processes to save us time by being more efficient, we make sure to reward them. By having robots perform the repetitive tasks, this allows our workers the opportunity to work on more challenging responsibilities and potentially improve the way we do things.

Using robots for the manufacturing process also can improve employee safety in the facility. Many injuries occur to workers in a position that could actually be replaced by a robot. Taking employees out of these roles will improve both the health and morale of your workers, but also can save money overall as well. Also hiring temporary workers for busy seasons and large orders can be avoided, as robots will be able to handle the physical repetitive tasks, and the workers hired can instead by placed in long-term permanent positions.

Accidents typically happen when an employee is working on a mundane, repetitious job. When their concentration drifts to other things and they stop paying attention, they usually get hurt and it is usually a stupid mistake. If they do not get injured, then they become lucky. However, the crash of the machine they were working on may cost thousands of dollars to repair. In either case, something catastrophic has happened.

At Mid-West Screw Products we are always looking to take advantage of the latest technology on the market. Robotics is the future of manufacturing, and offers both benefits to employers and employees, and against common thought, will not replace jobs. For more information about our capabilities and services contact us here, or submit a quote on our new website with our quick quote function.