At Mid-West Screw Products we have been providing quality service and parts to our customers since 1946. Being in business this long, and being successful as well, has led many people to wonder what it is we actually manufacture and how we do it. In this blog, we will explain what being a precision manufacturer of machined parts that uses screw machine is.

What is Screw Machining?

Do You Make Standard Parts For Hardware Stores?

When people think of screw machining, often times that brings up the thought of parts and items that can be found at a hardware store such as nuts, bolts, and various types of screws. Our equipment and capabilities allow us to manufacture parts that you can find in a hardware store. However, we are not the direct supplier to those stores. We perform precision machining work that produces parts that meet specific customer specifications. If these parts are components for one of their products that could be sold as a repair part to replace a worn or broken part for their assembly, that part might be in the hardware store. Then that company would be the one who takes their part, we make for them, and package it for resale. That is not what we would do. The screw machines we use allows us to make precise cuts for areas like the cutting of a precise “O” ring groove or precisely form a shape on the diameter of a part, that can then be repeated for high volume, for large quantity orders. These parts may not be a stock item that you would just find on a hardware store shelf, but custom precision machined parts.

Benefits Of Screw Machining:

The capabilities of a screw machine, first designed to cut metal quickly having shapes and threads, hence the name, allowing for multiple options and processes to be completed simultaneously. These machines operate on a mechanical method, as opposed to the computer controlled CNC machines, they can be easier to set up. The production runs are set up on the screw machines using mechanical levers and hand cut steel cams and the changeable gears determine the spindle speed for the machining. This allows for the production of unusual type nuts or bolts, and assembly components that are unique to meet our customer specifications.

There are different types of screw machines including single spindle and multi spindle machines. The single spindle contains 1 bar that is going through the machining process at a time while the multi-spindle machine has multiple spindles with bars of material all being fed and worked on simultaneously. Both machines have different advantages and uses based on the order specifications of the client as well as the volume of parts to produce via the customer’s purchase order. As production time is very important, and every second counts in manufacturing, having these machine options allows maximum efficiency to be met as well as their on time delivery needs.

With multiple machine options in our plant, at Mid-West Screw Products we have the capabilities to make your custom part to your specifications and in your desired time frame.Contact us to learn more about the custom parts we can machine for you.

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