Ways to be Successful in 2017

In business when a new year begins it is important to make sure to take the time to review the previous year, and make plans for success in the new one. 2016 was a great year for Mid-West Screw Products, and we would like to take the time to offer some advice on the best way to make 2017 successful.

Taking Advantage Of Tax Breaks And Grants:

Making sure you take advantage of all tax breaks and write offs is very important in the continuing growth of a business. Many times you have until the end of the calendar year to write off new machines and equipment. Once that is done, the money saved can then be reinvested for more machines or other improvements to the facility itself. Taking advantages of grants that are available to you from city, state, and federal government agencies is also important as it is money that is available for things like employee training certification programs, and facility and building upgrades. While the process to obtain the grant can be long and time consuming, the benefits of additional money is well worth it to your company.

Investing In Equipment And Infrastructure:

Investing in new machines and facility improvements from money you have saved with tax breaks will lead to better efficiency for your business, and improve production and on time delivery. Even taking out loans to buy new machinery is a worthwhile investment that can help you make money long term, as the new machines will allow more products and parts to be produced, therefor growing your business. This expansion, if done properly could have significant long-term benefits for your business.
At Mid-West Screw products we are taking advantages of all the grants, write-offs and tax breaks that are available to us. Plans for 2017 also include obtaining a new certification that will expand the industries we work with to bring more business in, as well as some improvements to our facility. To learn more about our capabilities and the services we provide our customers, contact us.

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