A few months ago we told you about TITAN, the proprietary manufacturing software that we’re developing. It’s almost ready to roll, and so we want to begin to get you acquainted with its features. The first of those is the TITAN Time Clock.

Regardless of what industry they work in and what machines they use, an employee’s day begins and ends the same way—by punching in and punching out. That term—“punching”—comes from the old style time clocks, many of which are still in use today. These basic mechanical systems simply log time, leaving the actual calculations of payroll to a third party. TITAN, however, keeps and processes all data in house. A company using the TITAN Time Clock has access to up-to-the-minute payroll data at all times.

In addition to providing valuable data to the company, the TITAN Time Clock also puts employees in control of their personal payroll concerns. Whether an employee is salaried or paid hourly, they need to be able to submit a request for time off, and to keep track of their vacation days and sick days. With TITAN, they can do this quickly and easily.
Lastly, the TITAN Time Clock puts this data in the foreman’s pocket. By looking up who’s punched in and who hasn’t on his or her phone, the foreman can make sure that everyone is accounted for in case of emergency.

Before a manufacturer can get down to the nuts and bolts of manufacturing, they have to take care of the basics, and that starts with managing employee time and payroll. The TITAN Time Clock provides this capability, while granting employees freedom and responsibility.

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