The manufacturing industry is a driving force for the world’s economy. It relies on machinery and qualified workers who can operate the various types of machinery to produce needed products. While the machinery does most of the work, trained workers are necessary to operate, program and set up, the machines safely and efficiently. Finding trained workers in 2016 is a challenge though, as many people do not realize that working in the manufacturing industry, operating machinery such as CNC machines is an option to their future and success.

The Manufacturing Industry – An Industry looking for Qualified Workers

The lack of people who have the ability to work on CNC machining and to operate these machines is one of the greatest challenges the manufacturing industry currently faces. While many people like working on cars and build models as either a hobby or a choice, they don’t realize that there is a whole industry out there where they could have a career, if they wanted. People think that there only option to be successful, professionally and financially, is to get a desk job in an office. With the right guidance and education though, they could put the skills they already have working on cars and building models, and understanding how to use a desktop computer, and transfer these skills to a job in the manufacturing industry getting acquainted with CNC equipment. This is why STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, is so important because it will help people gain the skills they need, or already have, to be successful in the manufacturing industry.

In the past children did the same job that their parents/fathers did before them. This was what was expected of them, but now the business landscape has changed. The job market and job opportunities are different than they were during the baby boomer era. Here at Mid-West Screw Products we are always looking for hard working people to help us achieve our goal of making sure our customers always receive uncompromised perfection in all their machined parts. We want people to know there is a whole industry looking for people to work hard using their skills on these machines. They might already have the beginning skills necessary to be successful without even know it.

As a company, we realize that there are thousands of veterans who have learned skills in the military. When they return home they look for a future in society. Some wondering where they fit. As an owner I see in a veteran a very well rounded person who has the discipline to carry out the requirements for what is needed to be done and does it. Not only will he or she do the request, but also they can be counted on, by their supervisor, to do that task extremely well.

If you’re a veteran and want to try a new beginning or continue on with the training the military started, then contact us and apply. One never knows where their future lies.
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