As was discussed during our March blog Disaster and Weather Can Be Doom and Gloom or Success for Manufacturing, there are many variables in play regarding how our economy will react to harsh weather.

For us, here at Mid-West Screw Products, it seems that the weather that wreaked havoc on many industries is directly contributing to an increase in our business. Since we are a job shop and do not have much dealing in produce or shipping, we were not effected in the same way as many other businesses. Because so many companies are who have to play catch up due to reduction in inventory, they are reaching out to us to make new components for them. We have increased not only our hours and material purchases, but also our machinery to help keep up with the orders.
One of the machines that we have recently welcomed to the shop is a HAAS Turning machine, which will help to facilitate additional increase in our turning capabilities. We also picked up a second induction machine which will help to increase our capacity for assembling components that are needed in the electrical industry to help the demand of switches that are needed throughout the world.

Looking back at the thoughts we presented to you back in March, it is interesting to see our prediction coming true. While of course, we would love if all industries were operating at a high volume, we are very happy to see that our orders have increased.

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