In today’s global economy, big industries need to know you know the criteria behind what is needed for manufacturing. To do that certifications have been developed to determine the acceptable standards in an industry. By obtaining these certifications and accreditations, the door is now opened to do business with companies who require them. Here at Mid-West Screw Products we recently obtained AS9100 certification to be able to do business with the aerospace industry, among others.

Mid-West is now AS9100 Certified

The reason to obtain specific certifications is to stand out from your competition in a crowded business landscape. There are many different types of certifications available for companies to obtain. One of the most popular and well known is the ISO certification. ISO certification is like earning your bachelor’s degree. It is a general program that shows what must be done for you can meet these requirements and standards. Once you achieve your ISO certification, you can move on to the master’s level of certifications, such as AS9100. Having this certification, Aero Space, makes you uniquely available to specific types of parts,and opens up more possibilities in this unique and well sought after area.

Going through the steps to earn these certifications can be time consuming and expensive. That’s why grants are available to help with the financing of this process. Along with helping companies pay to achieve the certification, assistance is also offered in how to go through this sometimes complex and time consuming endeavor. In our previous blogs we have discussed more in-depth the grants process, and the benefits of using; local, city, state and federal money that is available if you know where to look for it. The Internet can open this door for you.

For Mid-West traceability in terms of ISO has now been accelerated to the next level of ISO, bring us to having the Aerospace certification. Areas such as Medical and Arms – which are unique for military, are areas we are now qualified and certified for. It would have been financially hard to do this without the help of the grants we have been awarded. This has allowed us to train employees on in areas like how to get paperwork through the plant, and perform work that meets all the requirements within the standards.

At Mid-West Screw Products we are proud to say we not only ISO certified, to its most current standard, we are now ARMS certified, as well as being certified in the Medical industry and have received our AS9100 certification for the Aerospace industry. This was a long and complex process to achieve these certifications, but with the help of grants, and the understanding that this will provide future possibilities that can help advance our company to these new industry opportunities. This was something we could not pass up.

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