The medical industry is one of the fastest growing manufacturing sectors. With a large portion of the population getting older, there is much demand for medical devices that will assist in taking care of them. At Mid-West Screw Products we recently obtained ISO 13485 certification so that we could work with these companies making medical devices and equipment.

Manufacturing For the Medical Industry

While medical devices can be extremely costly and sophisticated to produce, they also require basic parts in their design. This is where machine job shops come in. Medical devices require parts that meet strict specs and tight tolerances. In one of our previous blogs on screw machining we explained how job shops have the capabilities to make your custom part to your specifications in your desired time frame. These capabilities allow for multiple options and processes to be completed simultaneously allowing for maximum efficiency.

Obtaining this ISO 13485 certification doesn’t mean that all parts we work on will be used in an actual patient itself. Many of the parts and projects are for other items and equipment that are medically related. The word medical means more than just surgery, all the equipment in a hospital or medical facility needs to meet certain standards. Items from wheelchairs, to x-ray machines and devices that monitor vital signals are important parts of medical care, and need to be built to meet certain standards and requirements. Because of this most companies who make medical equipment and devices will only work with companies who have obtained ISO 13485 specifications. Having this certification lets them know that machine shop will follow the strict requirements that are required for the medical industry.

As we grow into a global market, the need for certifications and global instructions are more important than ever. Standards should be the same across the board, and having these certifications in place for different industries makes this the case. Achieving these standards is not easy, and they shouldn’t be, to insure that best companies are the one doing the work.

Here at Mid-West Screw Products we continue to educate our employees to have the best industry knowledge so we can provide the best service for our customers. Visit our new website and learn more about our recently obtained Aerospace, AS9100 certificationAS9100 certification to see how we continue to improve our capabilities.

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