The old saying states that anything worth doing, is worth doing right. We couldn’t agree more here at Mid-West Screw Products. Especially when it comes to safety.
Keeping medical emergencies on the floor to the bare minimum is a team effort. Of course, your employees need to be trained properly on machines and best practices, but it should not be forgotten that as an owner or a manager it is also less expensive to provide the proper supply of safety equipment to your staff.

Every time there is an accident on the floor, your insurance company will increase your MOD score (which increases the costs that are associated with your company). Meaning, if you have a lot of accidents, it can be absolutely devastating to your bottom line.

For these reasons (and of course because we have grown quite fond of our employees) we provide ear protection, glasses, rubber gloves, prescription eye protection if needed and more. The cost of supplying these products is a fraction of the cost it would be if our MOD went up!

Naturally, you will need to see what your particular manufacturing needs are. Some places may need steel toed shoes, others may need aprons or any number of protective clothing or accessories. We suggest that whatever your needs are, you buy them for your employees so that you can take a breath and relax a little bit. The need to worry over safety and accidents is highly diminished if everyone’s safety needs are met and provided.

Instructional information on how to use your equipment will also help reduce injuries. For example, did you know that every person who steps foot on a Forklift truck needs to be properly licensed? Yes, indeed! So for example, if an owner may be staying late one night when a truck arrives, and he or she decides to get on the forklift and put the skid on the truck that owner better be licensed! If an accident were to occur without that proper license you can get in a lot of trouble. It is important to become aware and wise when it comes to safety. Otherwise you remain foolish and pay the consequences.

Safety is ALWAYS first. Sometimes as an owner or floor manager, you have to help your employees to be safe. Typically an employee may not buy the protection that they need but by supplying it, they will use it. And may we suggest that if they don’t like what you are supplying, then find out what they do like and offer those. To us, our employees’ protection is worth the cost.

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