ISO qualifications are something that we here at Mid-West Screw Products have always taken very seriously.

An Exciting ISO Announcement!

Even when ISO was first introduced to general manufacturing to small businesses, we decided that we needed to beISOLOGO a part of it. Just around 20 years ago, we took part in classes from Northern Illinois University where they would come to our factory twice a week for 3 years. We became very knowledgeable and have been ISO qualified for all of these years. Since very few people knew about ISO back then, it wasn’t necessary to be certified, however we wanted to be in front of the game and be sure that we knew all there was to know.

Now a days, the role in foreign customer shipping has become such that it is becoming more and more important for suppliers to be certified and not just qualified. With that being said, we are excited to say that we have passed the ISO qualifications with flying colors and are now ISO 9001-2008 certified!

Beyond being extremely proud of our ISO certification, we also want to announce that we have been a practicing energy efficient, GREEN and LEAN manufacturing qualified company as well.
Quality is something that has always has been and will always continue to be top of mind for us here at Mid-West Screw Products, and we hope that our new certification will help you to see that.

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