Language Should Not Be a Safety Barrier

When it comes to running a successful business, one thing that should not be forgotten in the profit driven world is the safety of all the business’s employees.  This is especially important in the manufacturing and machining industries where employees can face many hazards on the shop floor.  At Mid-West Screw Products we take the safety of all our employees very seriously, and have implemented rules and procedures to cut down and eliminate workplace accidents.
Having our facility located in Chicago, Illinois, we have a diverse workforce, with many employees who are bi-lingual and who do not speak English as their first language.  When it comes to the safety of our employees we believe that language should not be a safety barrier.  To meet this language challenge, we have taken the step of putting all of our various safety policies and procedures into multiple languages.  We have created signs that are hung from the ceiling with our safety procedures written in English, Spanish and Polish so that all of our workers can understand them.  To make sure they are all accurate we had people who are bilingual write them.  Since safety is so important, we wanted to make sure that language barriers could not be used as an excuse on why proper rules and protocols were not followed.  On these signs we include safety procedures and ISO procedures to make sure all our employees were able to be aware of all policies.
Besides safety signs, at Mid-West Screw Products we also follow OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) regulations that determine what safety items we must have on hand for our employees.  These include first aid kits, and information on who to call and where to go in care of a medical emergency.  We want our employees to enjoy coming to work, and to feel safe while they are in our facility.  By making all these procedures available to everyone, no matter what language they speak, we are making a safer place for all our workers.

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