Mid-West Screw Packaging

One more of the many things we are proud to offer here at Mid-West Screw is our concerns to properly package our customer’s parts. We look at each individual piece we make, then address a proper way to package that part so it arrives safely at our customer’s dock. The part, after review, is packaged in a way to create that unique solution. We ensure that your products are packaged correctly so they arrive where they need to, safe and sound.
Ask any of our existing customers and you will see how much they love our concerns for their parts being properly protected. Our shipping department really does excel when it comes to ensuring the safe arrival of your precious parts. We put in a lot of hard work to fabricate these products for you and we want to protect them. In addition to packing parts to prevent breakage, we also guarantee to protect it from scratches or anything else that may ruin a great finish, when needed.
We know that certain finishes require certain packaging and our team is well-equipped to handle such a task. Our shipping department knows that parts can get scratched, dinged, dented or be damaged when being removed from the packaging. They take extra care that will not happen when you open the box of parts we fabricate. Egg crating, webbing or layer packing between dividers help to insure the quality parts we produce will lands at your facility unharmed.
Mid-West Screw also offers custom labeling to meet your in-house requirements.  When we ship product to you via UPS, when requested, all packages will come with tracking information. We also offer local deliveries with our own truck.
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