Investing in Quality

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten.”

– Benjamin Franklin-

There’s a situation we’ve encountered a number of times over the years here at Mid-West Screw Products. A customer will call us with word that they’ve found another manufacturer who can offer them a cheaper price. When we won’t match that price, they take their business elsewhere. Then, sometime later—be it a month or a year—that customer will come back, having found out that a cheaper price often comes with cheaper service.
The realization has come to those customers of the importance of quality over price. Saving a nickel per part up front loses its appeal when an order gets delayed, or has to be redone due to inferior quality. That nickel is lost in other ways as well, such as when a part fails in the field and loses that business the trust of their customer.
It takes money to earn money, and in manufacturing that means investing in the best possible parts from a reliable manufacturer. That word, “investment,” is important. Think of paying for quality not as a cost, but rather as an investment, one that will come back to strengthen your business and increase your bottom line. But eschewing all else to save that Almighty Nickel can end up costing your business hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars—a lot more than that initial savings.

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