Surcharges on Imported Aluminum

Lately, there has been much talk in the news regarding potential new tariffs and surcharges which would be imposed on certain materials and goods by the United States government.  One specific surcharge that is causing the manufacturing industry to ask a lot of questions would be the surcharge on certain types of imported aluminum.  Many Read More..

Robots in Manufacturing

As technology has been improving, there have been many opportunities for the manufacturing industry to evolve and take advantage of these new technologies.  One way manufacturers have been doing this is with the use of robots and robotics.  This technology has been a great addition to the manufacturing process, and is changing the way parts Read More..

Lack of Oversight for Manufacturing Accrediting Agencies

In today’s global economy, companies in the industrial field are doing business all around the world.  In an attempt to standardize and regulate the manufacturing being done, accrediting agencies have been created to develop universal manufacturing standards.  While the idea of these accrediting agencies makes a lot of sense, recently there have been many questions Read More..

Introducing Mid-West Screw Product’s New Website

The entire Mid-West Screw Products team is proud to announce that our vastly improved new website is live, and ready to be used by our customers.  With an updated design, and information about our capabilities and equipment, along with our certifications and an image gallery, our new site will answer many of the questions you Read More..

The Trend Towards 3D Printing in Manufacturing

In the manufacturing industry, one process that has been rising in use and in popularity is 3D printing.  Many articles have been written about the ease and quality of 3D printing, and here at Mid-West Screw Products we have looked more into the value of it, and when and where it can be best utilized. Read More..

Lean Manufacturing

In today’s manufacturing world, being lean and following ISO can make the difference between a successful business or one that will soon be out of business. At Mid-West Screw Products, we recognize this, and have taken the necessary steps to follow lean manufacturing and ISO principles.  We understand how important it is for a company Read More..