Industry On The Rise

Each month, reports come out touting the rise of various industries in the industrial world.  This is great news for machine shops as it often leads to more requests for quotes being submitted, and more business across the board.  At Mid-West Screw Products we have seen increases in activity in a few different areas including Read More..

Manufacturing For the Medical Industry

The medical industry is one of the fastest growing manufacturing sectors.  With a large portion of the population getting older, there is much demand for medical devices that will assist in taking care of them.  At Mid-West Screw Products we recently obtained ISO 13485 certification so that we could work with these companies making medical Read More..

No College? No Problem

When it comes to college, the classes you take aren’t necessarily that important in a CNC world, unless, of course, you plan on being in business one day for yourself. You need to consider all of your options, thinking through your future or your new place in the employment world. For some, interested in CNC, Read More..

US Manufacturing

Manufacturing in the United States is seemingly on the upswing. Of course it is not in all areas of manufacturing. Textiles and toy manufacturing has not fully returned to the United States and has stayed overseas in Asia. The United States’ resurgence has been seen in infrastructure, roads, electricity, concrete, steel, and mechanical parts. These Read More..

The Truth about Manufacturing in Illinois

Being a manufacturer in Illinois is becoming increasingly difficult. Antagonism from the court systems in Cook County has caused many companies in Chicago to flee. This is not mere opinion; I was personally subjected to the Cook County judicial system, as were other businessmen. The system seems to believe that manufacturing plant owners are wealthy, Read More..