The Importance of Proper Inspection Equipment and its effect on Quality Control

Mid-West Screw Products is a big believer in having sophisticated inspection equipment that is just as up to date as your manufacturing equipment. This is an important step in making sure that you are putting out quality parts on time. While this sophisticated equipment may be on the expensive side, you will end up saving Read More..

Mid-West Screw Welcomes New Machinery to Keep Up with Orders

As was discussed during our March blog Disaster and Weather Can Be Doom and Gloom or Success for Manufacturing, there are many variables in play regarding how our economy will react to harsh weather. For us, here at Mid-West Screw Products, it seems that the weather that wreaked havoc on many industries is directly contributing Read More..

Disaster and Weather Can Be Doom and Gloom or Success for Manufacturing

With all the talk regarding American manufacturing in 2014 and the possible renaissance poised to strike, we here at Mid-West Screw Products wanted to take a moment to think about how we feel the year may progress. Due to the slow flow of components to certain industries here in the U.S., manufacturers are going back Read More..

Basic Inspection Needs Good Observation – BINGO!

No matter what type of equipment you have in place to ensure quality in your manufacturing—be it gauges, micrometers, vision equipment or laser equipment—there’s no substitute for common sense and Basic Inspection by Observation. Say for example that a tap breaks on your machine and a part comes through without a thread. You don’t need Read More..

Investing in Quality

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten.” – Benjamin Franklin-   There’s a situation we’ve encountered a number of times over the years here at Mid-West Screw Products. A customer will call us with word that they’ve found another manufacturer who can offer them a cheaper Read More..

The Importance of Maintaining Quality When You're Overrun

The beginning of the year is always a challenging time for suppliers, as it follows the end of the previous fiscal year. Typically, companies will hold off on placing orders at the end of the year. Once new budgets are approved, January sees a large influx of orders, as companies look to “catch-up,” and rebuild Read More..

Planning Vs. Execution: Part 2– Adapting to a Changing Landscape

In our last blog we talked about the importance of grooming the right horse for the race—and having a backup contender ready just in case. But what happens when it’s not the horse that changes, but the race track? In manufacturing, the environment is always shifting. Some industries grow while others shrink, and unforeseen events Read More..

The Secret to Successful Manufacturing – Innovation and the Power of 1 Second

What makes a manufacturer successful? The answer to that question is innovation. Now, that’s not new knowledge. The relationship between innovation and success in manufacturing is well understood. But many people limit this to mean only product innovation. But innovation in process can truly take your manufacturing enterprise to the next level. The secret comes Read More..