Industry On The Rise

Each month, reports come out touting the rise of various industries in the industrial world.  This is great news for machine shops as it often leads to more requests for quotes being submitted, and more business across the board.  At Mid-West Screw Products we have seen increases in activity in a few different areas including Read More..

New Technology Changing the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing and machine shops are the backbone of the American economy.  These industries produce the products the country needs and wants.  Over the years, many companies moved their manufacturing operations overseas due to the rising costs of manufacturing products in the United States.  Recently though, many technological advancements have been made that are making the Read More..

The Manufacturing Industry – An Industry looking for Qualified Workers

The manufacturing industry is a driving force for the world’s economy.  It relies on machinery and qualified workers who can operate the various types of machinery to produce needed products.  While the machinery does most of the work, trained workers are necessary to operate, program and set up, the machines safely and efficiently.   Finding trained Read More..

Mid-West Screw Packaging

One more of the many things we are proud to offer here at Mid-West Screw is our concerns to properly package our customer’s parts. We look at each individual piece we make, then address a proper way to package that part so it arrives safely at our customer’s dock. The part, after review, is packaged Read More..

The Problems with ISO

Going back over 20 years, long before ISO became the norm, we were ISO qualified. Due to the prohibitively high cost we did not become certified right away. Instead we worked with a local university to educate us and help us meet the ISO standards. For many years we said we were ISO qualified, but Read More..

Make Your Employees Safety A Priority

The old saying states that anything worth doing, is worth doing right. We couldn’t agree more here at Mid-West Screw Products. Especially when it comes to safety. Keeping medical emergencies on the floor to the bare minimum is a team effort. Of course, your employees need to be trained properly on machines and best practices, Read More..

Mid-West Screw Welcomes New Machinery to Keep Up with Orders

As was discussed during our March blog Disaster and Weather Can Be Doom and Gloom or Success for Manufacturing, there are many variables in play regarding how our economy will react to harsh weather. For us, here at Mid-West Screw Products, it seems that the weather that wreaked havoc on many industries is directly contributing Read More..

Where Do The Arts Fit Into STEM Education?

The STEM to STEAM movement has been gaining momentum lately, and while we agree that STEM education is very important, we also agree that putting emphases on STEAM education will be beneficial for everyone. In the past STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education has been pushed for those interested in a career in industry, Read More..

Disaster and Weather Can Be Doom and Gloom or Success for Manufacturing

With all the talk regarding American manufacturing in 2014 and the possible renaissance poised to strike, we here at Mid-West Screw Products wanted to take a moment to think about how we feel the year may progress. Due to the slow flow of components to certain industries here in the U.S., manufacturers are going back Read More..